Spell of the Highlander

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Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

Great addition to the series. I loved this book. Still working on getting all of the books though so I can read it all the way through the series. I think the last four are the ones that interest me the most. This is one that I will buy later when I get the money. There was a post one the RT message boards that summed up the books well:

"The first 3 book were written a very long time ago and don't really have anything to do with the storyline now as its going.
1st book-Beyond the Highland Mist - the heroine is a real B*** but its still worth reading especially as it introduces Adam Black who's a very important character later on.
2nd -To Tame a Highland Warrior -Its about Hawk's(from BHM) friend and really hasn't anything to do with the storyline, its mostly reading Candy.
3rd - Highlanders Touch - good book, Adam Black appears and something important is revealed.
4th - Kiss of the Highlander -Drustan McKeltar - this is really where the current storyline begins.
5th -The Dark Highlander - Daegus Mckeltar - this book is the best-IMO, its very dark and compelling.
6th - The Immortal Highlander -This book is about Adam Black and continues the storyline.
7th - Spell of the highlander - Cian Mckeltar - you finally find out what this whole series is really about and KMM gives you an idea of where she's taking it.
8th - Dark Fever - This book is a bit of a spin off from the series and more about the Fey, but still conected somehow. Its out in Oct."

The story is about grad student Jessi St. James who accepts a package for the professor that she works for and has to visually confirm the material in the package. It is an ancient mirror at first glance, but from her studies she knows that this mirror predates mirrors in general. Then she sees a man in the mirror, talk about getting freaked out. Then anther man bursts in and threatens to kill her for the mirror. The man in the mirror tells her to say some strange words, she does and he comes out of the mirror and kills the bad guy. He says his name is Cian MacKelter and he is 2,000 years old and has been stuck in that mirror for about that long and that the "owner" of the mirror will kill her to get it back, but the bad guy getting it back is a bad thing. This is just not a good week for Jessi.

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