Kiss and Tell

6/18/2006 02:41:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Kiss and TellKiss and Tell by Cherry Adair

I loved this book and it reminded me of why I love Ms Adair. I have read her before, just not this book, so after I read Hot Ice I decided to go back and reread all of the T-FLAC books (this is the second one, T-FLAC is Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Commandand and is a private antiterrorist group). I just found out that there is another T-FLAC book before this one called The Mercenary (Harlequin Temptation #492), it was written in 1994 and was her debut book and I have not found it yet. I should get the next book, Hide and Seek, from the library tomorrow.

Marnie Wright is an artist looking for a quiet relaxing weekend alone (except for her great dane, Duchess) at her grandmother's mountain cabin before her brothers tear it down. Marnie is evaluating her life and resolved to start living it for herself instead of living underneath the very large thumbs of her protective dad and four very protective older brothers. Little does she know that also on the mountain is Jake Dolan (T-FLAC member). He is there also to think but he is thinking about who is setting him up as a mole in T-FLAC. After a tree crashes onto her house during a storm that also washes out the bridge to get back, Marnie stays the night at Jake's cabin. She attemps to leave the next day planning on walking the couple of miles to the next bridge, but she encounters men dressed in black suits (not the kind you wear to the office) with a lot of weapons on them. She makes her way back to Jake and now they will try to survive to get off the mountain.

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