A Distant Tomorrow

6/13/2006 11:34:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

A Distant Tomorrow by Bertrice Small

This is the second book in her new fantasy world of Hetar. The first book is Lara, Book One of the World of Hetar. This is the continuation of her story. Bertrice Small's books seem to me like epic sagas of women. I am used to one book for each couple. That is not the way she writes alot of her stuff. She writes about the journey of the heroine. Not all of the men that the heroine has relations with is The Hero. A lot of her books just revolve around the heroine, the hero is inconsequential. In this book however the hero is consequential to the plot and to the heroine, the romance is not the main focus, though. If you like the Skye O'Malley series then you will probably like this one. It has that same epic drama heroine story.

This story takes 5 years after her marriage to Vartan. They now have two children and all is well, until Vartan is assassinated by his younger brother. Then Lara feels the call that she has to leave. So she leaves her children, (so could not do that) and wanders a little until she figures out where she is supposed to go. She ends up in the Coastal Kingdoms and learns that there is another country across the water called Terah, so she goes there and meets Magnus Hauk, the Dominus (King) of Terah. She presents herself as an equal and entrances him. So continues the next installment of the destiny of Hetar and Lara's role in it.



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