It Happened One Autumn

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It Happened One Autumn (Wallflower Quartet) It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas

I thoroughly enjoyed the second installment of this series. In case you don't know, the Wallflower series is three books so far with a fourth on the way. The first is Secrets of a Summer Night, the second is this one and the third just came out and is called Devil in Winter. The characters were very entertaining with their sharp wit and love/hate attraction. I love series that bring back characters from previous books so I can see what they are doing now type thing.
This story is about Lillian Bowman, daughter of a very rich American and who's mother is determined she marry an English aristocrat. (Also because Lillian and her sister, Daisy, have gotten into so many scrapes and are so headstrong, not many back home will have them. That makes me like them more.) She is going to a house party at the country residence of Marcus Marsden, Lord Westcliff (his sister, Aline, is the heroine of the book, Again the Magic). Everytime the two of them meet, tempers fly. He thinks she is a hoyden and she thinks that he is a stuffy prig, but they cannot stop thinking about one another. With that combination what can go wrong.

Secrets of a Summer Night

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Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflower Quartet) Secrets of Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

Very good book. It is the first book in Klepas's Wallflower series. I read the third book, Devil in Winter, a while ago and loved it so I hit my library to find the rest of the books. Secrets is first then It Happened One Autumn which I also read and am posting about next. Then Devil in Winter and the last one about Daisy is not out yet.
Annabelle Peyton is the daughter of a viscount who has passed away leaving his family penniless. Simon Hunt is the son of a butcher who is very good with money. He has made a fortune investing in various things like railroads and foundries. But as far as everyone of the nobility is concerned he is a money grubber, and only invited to things by people who owe him money or invest with him. Annabelle needs a wealthy husband and she learns that titles are not everything.


He Loves Lucy

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He Loves Lucy

He Loves Lucy by Susan Donovan

After I read Knock Me Off My Feet I went to my library to see if they had anything else by her and I found He Loves Lucy. As far as I can tell KMOMF (2002) was her first book and this one came out last year. I am working on getting the others now. But they are not related to one another so you can read them in any order. This book was funny and I could totally relate to her food cravings. This one was great as well and now I am off to find another one by her.

The story is about Lucy Cunningham, a marketing exec who is good at what she does. She decides that to promote her new account of the Palm Club (a gym) she is challenged to lose 100 lbs in one year. Her boss and the gym are going to pay her and her trainer $1,000 for every pound she loses. She gets weighed in every month on television on a Miami morning show. Her trainer is Theo Redmond, a Ken doll look-a-like who is not as shallow as he appears. He takes care of his down syndrome brother, Buddy (who is awesome), is his brother's coach and big advocate of the Special Olympics and is studying to get back into med school. Busy guy. The book is a hilarious roller coaster ride of their relationship during this year long endeaver.


I Thirst For You

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I Thirst for You

I Thirst For You by Susan Sizemore

This is the sequel to I Burn For You that I read yesterday. This one was good as well. While I was reading it I realized that I had read this one before, but it makes a little more sense when read after the other one. It is not imperative to read these two in order, but I like to read series in order.

This one is about Josephine Elliot who is a empathic pilot who is contemplating suicide after she had been in a plane crash she had been piloting where four people had died. She is in a numb state trying to figure out her life and future. Along comes Marcus Cage who, currently starving, has just escaped a lab that was doing all sorts of tests on him because he is a vampire. He runs across Jo and decides that she would be an excellent dinner. Then he realizes that she is his mate. So he kidnaps her and drags her all over running from the people that had imprisoned him. When he realizes how much he loves her and what he is doing to her, he decides to leave her for her own good. Then the bad guys get her.

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I Burn For You

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I Burn For You

I Burn For You by Susan Sizemore

I had read one of her books before but I had not read them in order yet, so I decided to try them. I enjoyed this one. So, so far so good. It is a paranormal vampire romance that takes place in California where vamps and weres exist, but are not out of hiding. They have made amazing strides in medicine though. If a vamp wants he/she can take meds that are custom made for them so they can walk in the sun, eat garlic or wear silver if they wanted to.

The story is about Domini Lancer (precognitive- sees future) and Alexander (Alec) Reynard (vampire). Alec's meds are going out of whack and he goes to California to get them fixed. Because of his condition he had to resign his post in the Delta Force and now needs a job. He gets one at a security firm called Lancer Security. Owned and operated by Domini's grandfather, Ben Lancer. Domini is an employee there too. (yes, she does do bodyguard work as well.) Domini is inexplicable attracted to Alec upon sight and he knows that she is his mate. They are put on a case together to protect a childhood friend of Domini's, but the two of them soon figure out that her friend is not the target, Domini is and she has no idea why.

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Knock Me Off My Feet

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Knock Me Off My Feet Knock Me Off My Feet by Susan Donovan

Very cute book. Could not put it down. It was a chicklit book but with some suspense because someone is sending the heroine threatening letters. But that is more of a background story to the relationship between the hero and heroine. I had never read her before and now I have to go find more of her books, I think this was her first book (she has more out now). The characters were very good, they had a good development of faults and strengths. And there was great quick dialogue between the characters. It was a really good book.

The story is about Autumn Adams (called Audie) who has inherited her mother's housekeeping advice column and image that goes by the name of Homey Helen after her mother's death. She hates it. Martha Stewart she is not. She is a cluttered sports fanatic. But she has been receiving wierd letters from someone that have turned threatening. Enter hunky Detective Stacey Quinn (how Irish can you get, his brothers are Patrick and Michael). He is charmed by her and wants to get to know her better, much better. Of course, Stacey is her opposite (besides the sports thing). He is a neat freak who plays the bagpipes for the police bagpipe band. Yes, he does wear a kilt when he plays and there is a great scene after the concert.
Between finding whoever is threatening her and his boss threatening to fire him if he fraternizes with her, will they oversome their issues to be together?


Touch Not the Cat

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Touch Not the Cat Touch Not the Cat by Tracy Fobes

This is the first book that I have read by Ms Fobes, but it will not be the last. I like her so far. This book was a historical paranormal romance. It takes place around 1817 in England and Scotland (mostly Scotland). I have not read many historical paranormals so it was a change for me. And it was a nice change to have the female be different instead of the male. It was a pretty good read, there were a couple of place that I thought dragged just a little, but it was worth continuing to read.

The story is about Catherine McClelland who is the unfortunate recipient of a family curse. If any one found out about her she would probably be burned for a witch. So she and her father guard her secret carefully. While visiting England they meet Nicholas, the Duke of Effington. Catherine's father decides that he is the perfect man to marry Catherine and blackmails Nicholas into marrying his daughter. Understandably Nicholas is a little peeved about this but he goes through with it because although he abhors the circumstances, she makes him burn. Then he finds out her secret.

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Definitely Dead

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Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

This is the latest in Ms Harris's Southern Vampire series. In case you have never read them the others are: Dead until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, Dead to the World, Bite (anthology with Laurell K. Hamilton and others, but a need to read in the series), Dead as a Doornail (there are two other short stories in anthologies, but they are not required for this storyline). The books need to be read in order otherwise you will be totally lost. The series is about a barmaid named Sookie Stackhouse who lives in Bon Temps, LA and is also a telepath. If you think that is weird, her boss is a collie, her ex boyfriends consist of a vampire and a werewolf, and her brother is a werepanther. Her life is not what you would call "normal". But it is her life and she makes the most of it. Vampires are now out in the open an part of society, weres have yet to come out of the closet.

In this installment Sookie has to go to New Orleans to dispose/take care of her cousin's possessions (she was a vamp that was killed). Now she is dating a weretiger named Quinn, that was introduced in a previous book. But things start happening to her that are not promising. First she and Quinn get attacked while out on a date, then she gets summoned by the Queen Vampire. It looks like someone does not want her to get her cousins possessions in order. Having to deal with this and watching her ex boyfriends with their new flames, Sookie has her work cut out for her.

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Mercy by Julie Garwood

This book is the sequel to Heartbreaker. It is about Nick brother Theo Buchanan who is an attorney with the Justice Department and Dr. Michelle (Mike) Renard who is a young and beautiful genius doctor. The book was very good. The story was a good mix of suspense and drama with some funny stuff thrown in for good measure.

The story is about a group of four people who, since college, have been steal money through various white collar ways (overbilling, con jobs, fake stocks, etc.) and now five years from their goal are in danger of losing everything. Someone has found them out and treatens to expose them. The person has insured themselves by sendng the info to a relative (Dr. Renard), now the group is after Dr, Renard to get that info back.

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Hot Spell

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Hot SpellHot Spell by Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker and Meljean Brook

This book was great. I enjoyed all four stories. I have to say that Ms Brook's story was probably my least favorite of the four though. I liked it but I wanted it to be longer, it felt to be lacking something. I think also that I was not crazy about the heroine in that story. She uses him and then he comes back still in love with her and because I did not see her during those months that he was gone, she was still a jerk in my mind and that turned me off to her as a h. I think I wanted more about her while he was gone and that would have helped me enjoy it more.

The Countess's Pleasure by Emma Holly
This is in the same world as her book, The Demon's Daughter (which was very good). It takes place in the demon city of Bhamjran. The world is kind of like an alternate regency England but with a different species living among humans. Georgiana, widowed Countess of Ware, is visting the demon capital of Bhamjran and decides to visit an erotic exhibition for females only. She is looking for answers about sexuality and herself. And she findshim (Iyan) there.

The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh
This story is in her Breed/Fixed series that she writes for EC and now Berkley (Megan's Mark that I read comes after it). For more about the Breed series see entry for Megan's Mark.
It is the story of Tarek and Lyra. Tarek (Lion Breed) moves in next door to Lyra (human whose 3 brothers are in SF and helped the Breeds escape) who is attracted to him, but thinks that he is a menace to her landscaping. One night Tarek sees someone trying to break into Lyra's house and he stops him and Lyra realizes that Tarek is a Breed. He realizes a little later that Lyra is his mate.

Falling For Anthony by Meljean Brook
Takes place in 1811 in England. Anthony (an impoverished gentleman) is indebted to the Ames-Beaumont family who paid for him to go through medical school. So to pay that debt he has to be the personal physician to a family friend for the duration of the Napoleonic war. Before he leaves the daughter of the family (and twin sister to his best friend Colin), Emily, seduces him to be rid of her virginity. Well, Anthony goes to war and is faced with more than he bargined for when he sees a nosferatu sucking on some corpses. The nostferatu kills Anthony, but because of his strong spirit he is turned into a Guardian (basically guardian angels i.e. Michael who is in charge). Nine months into his training Anthony is told by Michael to go back and rescue the Ames-Beaumont family before they are all killed. Colin has been bitten by the nosferatu and Emily has to chain him to the bed each night to protect himself and others.

The Blood Kiss by Shiloh Walker
This was the story of Roman Montgomery (Werewolf King of Wolfclan Montgomery) and Julianna Capiet (daughter of Vampire Eduard Capiet king of his clan). It is intrinsically a retelling of Romeo and Juliet with a paranormal twist. It was fun and had much happier ending.

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Lethal Lies

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Letha Lies by Laurie Breton

I though that it was a good romantic suspense. Not great, but good. the beginning was a little slow like it got bogged down occasionally, but it got better as it went along. The story line was very good though, as were the characters. I wish they would have left out her book deadline, because they did not resolve it in the end, and there was no epilogue. It bugged me.

The story was about Faith Pelletier's return to small hometown after her cousin (Chelsea) is killed and named Faith as next of kin. Most people think that it was a suicide, but Faith and Newt (local editer and Chelsea's boss) know that she would not have done that. Growing up Faith and Chelsea were always with friends, Davy and Ty. After high school Faith moved away and became a bestselling writer, Chelsea got pregnant (had daughter Jessie), Ty joined the Marines then became sheriff of their hometown, and Davy - well???. Faith moves back to take care of Jessie (who is now 15) and handle Chelsea's affairs. She has gone through a lot herself lately (widowed 18 months before) and just wants to take Jessie and leave, but she wont because she wants to know what happened to her cousin. Enter Ty, he has had a crush on Faith since HS and wants her back, she wants him too, but does not think it will work, as well as some unresolved issues with him. She convinces him that Chelsea was murdered and they join forces to figure out what is going on in their little town of Serenity, Maine.

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Wolf at the Door

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Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren

Very good paranormal. I am upset because this is the second book in the last two weeks that I have read that is in the middle of a series. Warren also writes for EC (along with Lora Leigh who wrote Megan's Mark that I read last week) and this book is in the middle of a series that she is writing for them too. The series in this book is called The Others, but at EC the series is called Fixed, and the books range from vampire to fairy to werewolf. This book actually reminded me of Moon Called in that the "Others (all the fae (i.e. brownies, gargoyles, gnomes, satyrs etc), weres, and vamps and such)" are debating over whether to reveal themselves to humans or not. I like this kind of storyline because instead of picturing it in an alternate Earth or another time and place, you get to think "well maybe, what if" for a second. This one was very good and I will have to break down and eventually get a couple of the other books in the series.

The story is about Cassidy Poe (Foxwoman - can shift into a fox, but it is a genetic/magic thing that runs through the female side of their line) and Sullivan Quinn (werewolf from Ireland). Cassidy's grandmother is on the Council of elders in America (made up of different weres, vamps and fae) and is grooming Cassidy to take her place (if she wants to or not). Quinn is visiting from Ireland to meet with the council as part of a liason from the European Council to discuss revelaing themselves to humans. The timetable for that may be drastically increased as one of a vamp's girlfriend is kidnapped by a religious group bent on revealing and destroying all the Others. Cassidy has doctorate in anthropology and is acknowledged by her peers as one of the best in her field. So the Council wants her and Quinn to investigate this religious group and try to find out as much as they can about them.

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Don't Look Down

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Don't Look Down by Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer

This was okay. Not the best I've read, not the worst. To me it dragged occasionally and I had to force myself to continue. Wanted an epilogue to the ending, I thought it was too abrupt. The pace picked up on the story toward the end and then it just stopped and that was it. I like some of her other stuff much better. It had pretty good dialogue banter that was enjoyable though.
The story is about Lucy Armstrong who is normally a director of animal commercials but has been pulled in to finish a movie that only has four days left of shooting (the previous director died). Her ex (Connor Nash) is the stunt director and her sister (Daisy) is on the crew as well. So she agrees to do it so she can spend time with her sister and niece (cute 5 year old kid named, Pepper, she was one of the best parts of the book). The movie is a joke because the star is a comedy actor named Bryce who is a wannabe action hero. Bryce brings in JT Wilder, Green Beret captain, to be his stunt double after his previous one quits. JT and Nash hate each other on sight (too many roosters in the coop) and both are trying to get Lucy's attention. Then JT gets contacted by the CIA because apparently the backer for this movie is using it as a cover for other illegal activities. They want him to investigate and report back. During all this, Pepper meets an alligator and names her Moot, Pepper develops a liking for Wonder Woman, and Everyone on the set is sleeping with someone else.


Hot Ice

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Hot Ice by Cherry Adair

Great book. The book goes along with her book, On Thin Ice. Both are about members of T-FLAC, a private antiterrorist group. It was a great romantic suspense. The action was there until the end of the book, I don't remember any parts that dragged. The heroine was strong and competent at what she did, but was not overbearing and knew when to step back. The hero was also very competent in his field but not so Alpha that he always had to be in charge. I thought it was great.
The story is about T-FLAC member, Huntington St. John (Hunt for short), and professional thief, Taylor Kincaid. He is in charge of finding her and hiring her to break into the safe of Jose Morales (a religious zealot and terrorist, and major nutjob) to steal launch codes/whereabouts for a missile that Morales has aqcuired and plans to launch toward the US (because the Antichrist lives here, or so Morales was told in a vision, like I said - nutjob). By the time Hunt catches up with her she has already broken into the safe (to steal the jewelry) and stashed the stuff. She gives him the slip and then he has to find her again.
I will leave it at that. Don't want to repeat the whole book. It was excellent.

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The SEAL's Surprise Baby

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The Seal's Surprise Baby The SEAL's surprise baby by Amy J. Fetzer

I picked this up for a quarter at my UBS, I was very excited. I had just discovered her and then I saw this and grabbed it. I thought it was cute. I love military heroes, they are so macho and fun. It was a fun, cute, light read. You have to admire the hero's tenacity and determination.

Jack Singer meets Melanie at his sister's wedding where Melanie is the maid of honor. The sparks fly and after the wedding they get together for what ends up being only one night as he is called out of the country the next morning. Unfortunately/Fortunately? she got pregnant and he is not back in the country for 15 months. Then when he returns he finds out that he has a strapping 6 month old baby girl. Now all he has to do is marry the mother, if she will let him.



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Fantasy by Lori Foster

Very warm, sweet book. The Hero (Sebastian Sinclair) was a great protector hero. The heroine (Brandi Sommers) is recovering from being raped when she was 18 and wants to try to start dating again. She attends an auction that her sister (Shay Sommers, whose story is in The Secret Life of Bryan) is sponsoring to raise money for a battered womens shelter, and sees a man up for auction that makes her tummy flip. Her sister sees this (knows the guy and that he is a good guy) and "buys" him for her. He turns out to be a professional bodyguard and is very taken with Brandi and wants to cherish and protect her. He treats her with kid gloves and when she reveals what had happened to her they work to overcome her fear of him. It is a very sweet story and I love the H, he is just so understanding and tender. I am glad I read it.


Second Sight

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Second Sight by Amanda Quick

This was pretty good. I liked the paranormal aspect of it during the time period. The characters were pretty good. I loved the h's little brother Edward, he was great. A very forthright 9 year old. I liked the suspense aspect, did not suspect the villan. I thought it was a pretty good book, I am glad that I checked it out, but I am not sure if I would buy it.
In the story Photographer, Venetia Milton (sees auras) goes to a remote estate to photograph some relics for the Arcane Society (a very hush hush group). There she meets Gabriel Jones (can sense emotions surrounding objects) who found the relics and is studying them. While there they are drawn together and abuptly separated when two thieves break into the estate. Now she is hustled away and later reads in the paper that Gabriel has died in a fire at the estate. Venetia is saddened, but life goes on. To open her photography gallery she poses as a widow under the name, Venetia Jones (yes Gabriel's name). Then her life gets all upheaved when Gabriel appears alive and well three months later, and apparently married to her.
That starts the story as try to figure out together who is trying to steal the relics he found and willing to kill for them, and what Venetia and Gabriel's relationship will be.

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Moon Called

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Moon CalledMoon Called by Patricia Briggs

I thought it was great. A great beginning for a series. This is not a "romance" simply a paranormal, but it has the potential for romance in future books. That works for me, I am a romance girl and as long as there is potential then that part of me is satisfied. The world reminded me of the Anita Blake world in that it was our world with a twist, the fae, vampires, weres and magic exist and are just now being acknowledged. the heroine was likable and down to earth. She can hold her own, but knows when she is in over her head. (I cannot help but compare her to Anita) Compared to Anita, Mercy is not as conflicted, which is a nice change, and since she is an auto mechanic, she does not get into all the violent situations that Anita finds herself in. There were good action scenes but that was not the focal point.

The story is about Mercy Thompson, auto mechanic and walker. (Walker is from the term skinwalker and means that she is not a were, but an inherited trait from her medicine man father is that she can shift into a coyote.) She is the town mechanic and next door neighbor to the local Alpha (Adam Hauptman). When Adam is attacked and his daughter Jesse kidnapped, Mercy rushes in to help and through the story ends up discovering things about herself she never knew.

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The Silver Wolf

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The Silver WolfThe Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt

This is the first of a trilogy (2-night of the wolf, 3- the wolf king). I had never read her before all I knew was from the bio that she is sister to Anne Rice. The story was very well written. The research was very good and the plot was well thought out. It is a historical fiction that takes place in Rome at the beginning of the reign of Charlemagne. It is not really a romance as much a novel. I am guessing that the next books have more romance in them because they are about the Hero and heroine after they get married, but I don't know yet. It was a good shifter novel if you like historical fiction with a paranormal twist.

The story is about a girl named Regeane who can shapeshift into a wolf. It is an inherited trait that she got from her father, who was killed before she was born. She is stuck in an abusive family and believes that she has no hope. Her uncle wants to marry her off so that he will have more money to go drinking and whoring, and he beats her for fun. The time that they are in is an unstable one with no one knowing who was going to triumph between King Charles (Charlemagne), or the Franks. After a match is made for Regeane by the king to a barbarian she does not know, she befriends a woman named Lucilla, who is a cortesean and mistress to Pope Hadrian. This friendship will protect her and guide her though the olitics she must now lear to survive. One night when she is running as a wolf she crosses paths with more of her kind, and realizes that she is not alone.

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HeartbreakerHeartbreaker by Julie Garwood

I had never read her before and asked some people for suggestions/favorite titles by her and decided to start with her romantic suspense, Heartbreaker. It was excellent. The story line was great, moved at a good pace, but did not go so fast you got lost. It was fun to watch the H and h fall in love in the midst of keeping her safe. Great story, would definitely recommend it.
The story is about FBI agent, Nick Buchanan, and his best friend (priest Tommy Madden)'s sister, Laurant Madden. A man goes into the confessional when Tommy is on duty and brags about killing a woman and says that he is going to kill again and that he is going to kill Laurant. Tommy, of course, flips out and calls best friend, Nick. Thus begins round the clock protection of Laurant.

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Catch me if you can

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Catch me if you can by Donna Kauffman.
This book goes along with a couple of anthologies (Bad Boys Next Exit, Jingle Bell Rock, Merry Christmas Baby) each one is the story of one of the 4 brothers. It was a fun story. The Heroine cracked me up, she was very blunt and would tell you like it is.

This story was about the oldest brother, Tag Morgan. After the news of his father's death (not a very nice man) he returns home from South America, where he was at a Mayan dig (he is an anthropologist), to wrap up his father's affairs and promptly return to SA. His plan goes a little awry when he discovers that his father had been investing money into a castle in Scotland. The castle is a part of their family history that his father had always drilled into his sons that they were to get away from. The town that they grew up in was founded by three men fleeing Scotland (Morgan, Ramsey and Sinclair) and Tag is a direct descendent of that Morgan. Tag decides to got to Scotland and see what was going on and meets Maura Sinclair (direct descendent of the Sinclairs that stayed), who is the caretaker of the castle. She has had a very bad day, and the sparks fly.


The Passion

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The Passion The Passion by Donna Boyd

This was a werewolf book that was recommended to me. I love werewolf books s I gave it a try. Was not my favorite book. it was good, but I think there was not enough romance in it for me. It is not your typical romance book. It is a very good story though. I will probably still read the next one, The Promise. The werewolves were just sooooo arrogant, it bugged me, because of how much they looked down on humans.
The story is about a werewolf named Alexander and a human girl, Tessa, that he takes in because she amuses him. She is fascinated with him and his world, but cannot truely understand it because she is not of it and never will be. He indulges her and treats her well but more like a pet, which is how he sees her. There are alot of politics within their world when the current pack leader dies and he goes to affirm the new one.

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Code Name: Blondie

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Code Name: Blondie by Christina Skye

This one in the code name series (Code Name:Nanny, Princess and Baby) and goes very well after Code Name: Baby. I thought that the story was good. The character were well done and the heroine was believable. I enjoyed the sci-fi asppect of it with the genetic modifications and implants. The first two books did not have this though that I remember. I liked all the action, intrigue and romance and thought that it was a good addition to the series.
The story is about Miki (best friend to Kit from Code Name:Baby) and Navy SEAL Max. She is a photographer trying to make it and be taken seriously by a sleazy employer. She gets in a plane crash and is rescued and stranded on an island with Max, who is on the island looking for Cruz (from CN:Baby). Survival and capture of Cruz are the goals now.

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Tell it to the Marines

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Tell it to the Marines by Amy J. Fetzer

This was a great anthology of stranded with a Marine stories. These are one of my favorite scenerios. Having to rely on the training of a Marine or Navy SEAL in the middle of a conflict.
Story 1 Hot Conflict - DJ McAllister and Mary Grace Heyward (childhood friend)
Mary Grace is kidnapped and DJ is supposed to get her out.

Story 2 Hot Landing Zone - Jake MacKenzie and Dr. Katherine Collier (scientist)
Katherine is kidnapped by a terrorist who wants her to make him a bomb

Story 3 Hot Target - Rick Cahill and Samantha Previn (Peace Corps)
Rick's mision is to go into South American jungle and get Sam out of there before a strike hits on all the drug labs in that area.


Megan's Mark

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Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh

Started reading this because Angela Knight recommends it on the cover and I like her so I figured I would try it. It was good, but it is in the middle of a series. She has a Breed Series put out by Ellora's Cave and this is part of it. It can be read alone, but I hate coming in in the middle. But there are like 9 other stories in the series. One of which is in Hot Spell with Emma Holly that I have been wanting anyway. So I am not sure if I will continue this one.
This is what I have been able to put together about the series. It is a futuristic set in 2023 and the government has made genetically engineered soldiers combining human and animal DNA and the Council put in charge of them treated them like disposable soldiers and playthings (they raped the females). Now the Breeds have been able to pass an act or something to protect themselves from mistreatment. But the Council is not going for that and wants their "toys" back or destroyed.

The story is about Feline Breed Braden Arness and empath, Megan Fields. To protect herself from her abilities Megan lives and works as a sheriff's deputy in the middle of nowhere, Arizona where she grew up eventhough she longs for adventure. For some reason unknown at the beginning of the book someone high up (presumably in the Council) wants Megan dead. To get to her the bad guys murdered 2 Breed in the area that she was patrolling that day. Braden is also there searching for the 2 Breeds that had disappeared. After the bad guys try to kill her, she is put into Braden's care. That does not sit well with her because she can take care of herself and braden finds that he has his large hands full with this assignment.

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Shiver by Lisa Jackson

This is the first book that I have read by her. I liked it. I was a great romantic suspense. I did not know who did it at all.
The story was about a cop named Reuben (Diego, Pedro) Montoya and a photographer, Abby (Hannah) Chastain. You get all the names, they play a part in the book. Abby's mother dies right in front of Abby when she is 15 and understandably this has afected her life. Her mother was a patient in a mental hospital and since Abby looks just like her mother she fights with herself to convince herself that she is not "crazy". Well since it is a suspence, people start being killed by a guy with religious issues. and that is all I am going to say. Read the book, it is very good.

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